things kim will not and can not do

I did not begin working as a web and graphic designer. Most of my life has involved working with plants. From age 14, I worked in greenhouses, landscaping, landscape design, etc. and I love learning, and exploring many aspects of plant life. Eventually I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Plant Biology.

I feel drawn to share a bit about this "Plant" side of me to give you a sense of my own sacredness, as this 'sacred' feeling is what I also hold in my work. And you get a chance to get to know me, and what's important to me. When I was about 15 or 16 years old, I started to have some spiritually awakening experiences about connecting with Nature on a deeper level. When I completed university I felt I needed to explore this. I made a trip to Findhorn and found inspiration in many books. I essentially taught myself to use my intuition and tune into subtle messages. I started to play with "talking" and working with Nature, and eventually started giving occasional workshops on "Intuitive Gardening". The workshops developed my communication skills and helped me overcome fears and doubts about sharing my ideas in a public way.

So how did I get into design? Several years ago I decided I wanted to be self-employed and I started with garden-related work. But as time went on, I longed to work, play and experiment with Nature just for myself, instead of always for someone else. So I honoured that heart request and started "weeding" out the plant work. I was always very artistic, had a strong intuitive sense of computers and loved learning, so I just started playing with design. Friends and family noticed my work and wanted my design skills for their projects. Now eight years later, I am a full-time web and graphic designer with work attained from referrals alone! I love the creativity in my work, and I love that my clients are in the wholistic and eco fields - it makes my work meaningful.

As a last note, I want to thank two wonderful women who have mentored me along the way - Jean (Anaya) Webb who taught me about being an empowered business woman, and Gwen Randall-Young who taught me about the power of creation, and how fun it truly is.