marketing services

There are so many things to branch out to, with owning a website, or trying to create any sort of web presence. And I also realize that I can't necessarily be the expert in all of those fields, nor have the time to. So in support of one of my fabulous friend Archana, here is a list of other wonderful services that she can offer, that you may be interested in. Depending upon the situation, I may either simply connect you directly with Archana, or I would sub-contract her services, and be the liason. test.

Please contact Kim for more details.


Archana is one of my dear friends. She has started helping me once in a while, especially when it gets extremely busy. She is highly educated in computers (she does some corporate programming and can actually build computers). But she has more talents that may interest you. Contact Archana through me.

  • Software Tutorials - Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Many of my clients are not computer people, and just want someone to show them the basics, troubleshoot, or answer a list of burning questions. Archana can help.
  • Update Facebook, Twitter, Blogs - I know many of you resist this social media stuff. But it's also a great marketing tool. Create no stress, and just hire Archana to do the legwork of updating these things for you. You merely need to provide the content!
  • Uploading Photos to the Web - Some of you may have learned about web-based photo albums like Picasa or Flickr. These are for personal or professional use.
  • Google Products - Google Calendar, Google Documents, and more. Google offers all these great free resources, Archana can get you started in using them.