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I've received feedback on my design style, and people seem to comment that I have:

  • Very colourful design
  • Flexibility in design style. I create my own templates, all sites are unique.
  • Sites that reflect the owners personality and style. All sites custom, and we go through a few drafts of the site layout to narrow down the best design that speaks to them and suits their needs. Also, my clients tend to own heart-based businesses, so in the website creation experience we can go alot deeper.
  • Clean and simple layouts
web design

Beautiful websites in html or Wordpress format. Blogs too.

Click on images below to see a larger version and more samples.

Spiritwood Retreat ICPR

Spiritwood Retreat This is such a gorgeous retreat centre out of Calgary (in Priddis, AB). Trudy Mayer, the owner, wanted a site that she could update herself and that highlighted her retreat centre and the workshops held there.

Pure Function Personal Training Cindy Leckie-Cleaver, a personal trainer out of Beaumont, wanted a simple site she could start blogging, and create a web presence for herself. She's quite a hub for wholistic activity in Beaumont, so it's fitting that she would need a website to bring more wonderful information and support to her community.

Prana Yoga Studio ICPR

That Yoga Place I truly love this website. I think because not only is it beautiful, but it was a wonderful process to create. The manager and owner were incredibly clear in what they wanted and very organized. This made my job easier and also allowed my creativity the perfect platform to flow. Very beautiful studio. They had a beautiful website before, but it wasn't in Wordpress, a format they can update things themself.

Stage Hypnosis Academy One of my lovely clients, Wayne Lee, needed a 1 page site for his Stage Hypnosis Academy. He is a well-known and respected stage hypnotist, and now teaches others how to do the same.

Prana Yoga Studio ICPR

Niching for Hippies Sales Page One of my favourite marketers, Tad Hargrave, needed a sales page done for his online course called Niching for Hippies. Tad is light, loving, authentic and fun, and this page certainly reflects that. I will admit that I have some resistance to sales pages, because that's a marketing format that doesn't personally invite me. However, all my clients who have sales pages, I actually feel it suits them and their purpose. I've learned a fair bit about sales pages from Tad and this project and what I think makes the differences is:
1. Tad is an excellent writer. It reads really well.
2. You can't fake authenticity. Tad is very genuine, and so his sales page feels good because of this.
3. Graphics to accent the text. I like visual. Most sales pages don't have this and so feel boring.
4. The offer is clear. No smarminess here. Love this.

Harmony by Design One of my favourite people, Liz Garratt wanted a re-design of her website that really reflected her heart. This is an inspired design in progress. What I want to say about this project is the process. Imagine two intuitive, heart-centred creators (Liz and I) tuning into the website and what needs to be there. We let our intuitions and heart guid first, and it's amazing how much clearer, smoother, and focussed the design feels and in how it emerged.

Prana Yoga Studio ICPR

Prana Yoga Studio The owner of this yoga studio has an incredible eye for detail. The yoga studio is exquisitely decorated, and they needed a website to match. The owner and admin staff are also quite computer savvy, so updating their schedule and home page was a must. This site is also a great example, of how professionally taken photographs makes an incredible difference. Gorgeous!

ICPRThe Institute of Cultural and Personal Relationships (ICPR) offers courses for development workers. These clients wanted a simple site with the capability of expansion in the future. A simple article-type blog was added.

Eye on Literacy Linda Crawford

Eye on Literacy This was a very exciting, long term project starting with the design of 9 books made for adult students learning English as a second language. Three beautiful ESL teachers approached me with their wonderful idea and together we created the books and website including an online store and members only part of the website.

Linda Crawford One of my favourite clients. Linda truly is a "Groovy Goddess". Linda does have a wonderful personal training business, and now offers all these wonderful services and events around the theme of "Living, Laughing, Learning and Loving in Times of Transition" I also have been coached by Linda, to step into more strongly, my own inner Goddess. Powerful!

People Powered Parties Lisa Litwinski, LitPath Learning

People Powered Parties is a very unique non-profit organization that offers bike-generated events. Listen to music in an environmentally friendly way because people ride bicycles to generate the power for the concerts. This website design matched the promotional package they already had, which made for a very consistent package for promotion.


LitPath Learning is operated by Lisa Litwinski, speaker and facilitator. Here's a great example of a website where the design was very much co-created between the client, Lisa, and I. Lisa had some graphic skills and a specific idea of what she wanted, which helped me have a clear idea when I created it in website form. She offers some pretty neat programs, if you want to check them out.

Riverwalk Counselling Services Robyn Mott Nicole Moen Pilgrimage

Riverwalk Counselling Services This was a very fun collaborative project between psychologist, Robyn Mott, Liz Garratt (Harmony by Design), myself, and Sarah Clarke (who did the logo design and help with content). The background image is a beautiful quilt that was given to Robyn as a gift.

Nicole Moen is one of my favourite clients. This is her personal website, where she offers events and insight around the theme of pilgrimage. Very thoughtful and fun website. She had marketing help and inspiration from Alex Baisley and Tad Hargrave.

Dance Percussion Studio Barbara Paulson

Dance Percussion Studio A place where I take drumming classes. The owner, Srutika Garfinkle, wanted something colourful and vibrant. Lists all the classes and performance groups.

Barbara Paulson offers various healing therapies such as Reiki, BodyTalk and Signature Cell Healing. This site was unique as the owner had a bunch of beautiful pictures from her travels that we used to personalize the site, and use as different background images on each page.

Kind Mind - Isabelle Stahl and Lisa Daley Classical Yoga Centre

Kind Mind is Lisa Daley and Isabelle Stahl's company, and they facilitate workshops for the work of Byron Katie. I just want to claim that I did not 100% design this site. They had a banner and a rough insert of their content. This site is a great example of how minimal effort like adding colour, images, correcting aligment, etc. can make a website look so much more polished and professional.

Classical Yoga Centre A very simple site for a yoga centre that specializes in meditative yoga, as well as offer space rental. Logo design, letterhead design was also included in this project with Val Whitehead. She updates the website herself.

Self Heal Distributing Rober Rogers, Laurie Szott-Rogers Balancing Spaces Stephanie Gruss

Self Heal Distributing A wonderful company that distributes essential oils and flower essences across Canada. One of the owners had a picture she wanted to use, and I designed the site around it. This project included creating an online product catalogue and orders forms. Huge site, with tremendous collaboration with Laurie Szott Rogers and marketing help by Tad Hargrave

Balancing Spaces is a site designed in co-creation with the owner Stephanie Gruss. She had a vision for what she wanted for the graphics and layout, and many times we sat together a the computer and I laid it out with her direction.

Community Counselling Centre Alliance Française d’Edmonton

Community Counselling Centre A wonderful local centre for counselling. This facility has many therapists and offers therapy for individuals, couples, families. A few of them wanted to be able to update the website themselves, so of course a tutorial was setup to learn how!

Alliance Française d’Edmonton a bilingual website (French/English) for a facility that offers French classes, workshops and events. I personally take classes here and highly recommend them. C'est vrai!

Northern Star College Tim Zeigdel

Northern Star College The extensive website for this mystical college was updated and redone with tremendous help from both the owners and marketing expert Tad Hargrave.

Tim Zeigdel this website is a simple, clean-lined website for Canadian Author Tim Zeigdel. I encourage you to check out his books, as he has lived a very interesting and intriguing life.

Amitola Design Concepts Kim Tanasichuk

Amitola Design Concepts Landscape designer Anaya (Jean) Webb needed a site that was refreshing, colourful to match her business name (Amitola means "rainbow"), and beautifully displayed her landscape designs and talent.

Kim Tanasichuk Of course, this website was designed by Kim Tanasichuk.


Rhythms of Our Own Drum & Dance Festival A website for a fun event in Edmonton. Workshop and Evening Gala tickets can be bought through Paypal. This is a Wordpress site, so text and picture updates can be made easily by this society's board members.

LINC Circles fo Aboriginal business women. A professional website with a clean, corporate-type look.

Need a Rush Quest for Happiness

Need a Rush This is a very hip 1-page website to sell an E-Book called "Need a Rush Handbook". I set up a contact form, configured automatic download delivery software, flash slideshow and Paypal. The owner was clear on the "look" he wanted, and so it made the design process easy. He decided to discontinue this website, but I thought I'd still include it here.

Quest for Happiness A thoughtful website for a special man named Joel Cooper. Joel has written all the text about his wonderful philosophy of life during his experience with MS. This is part of his legacy, Kim worked with Joel to manifest his writing into visual/web form.

AGEA Barking up the what, Jason Tanasichuk

AGEA Alberta Geothermal Energy Association. Simple, clean, professional design.

Barking Up the What? An elegant website to advertise a self-published book of proverbs.

looking your best deep powerful change, gwen randall-young

Looking Your Best Shirley Borrelli, image consultant. They had a Wordpress template, I did some major customization to it. They do minor updates, I do major ones. Note event registration setup and downloadable product sales.

Deep Powerful Change Gwen Randall-Young, Psychologist. 500 - page site, extensive online store with physical and downloadable products. Beautiful.

martin presse travel paradise

Martin Presse Professional Speaker. Note, this website has changed a fair bit since the original design as the owner took it in a new direction.

Travel Paradise A Thailand tour company. This website design was never actualized, but it's too nice a design not to include.

golden lady wholistics dakini yoga

Golden Lady Wholistics Jackie Pearce. This client had a drawing that she wanted to use as as the website theme. I scanned and edited to make this happen! Whimsical and unique. The appointment booking software was also setup and configured to match website.

Dakini Yoga Zena Ursuliak, Yoga Master. This site design concept was co-created with Zena. Owner updated. Google Blogger blog seamlessly integrated into website.

val whitehead geothermal utilities

Val Whitehead Reflexology and more. Owner updated. Val was very clear on the design she wanted, and I created it! Logo and business card designed too. Note simple event registration and Google Calendar.

Geothermal Utilities They had a design, I made it happen and expanded it to a full website. Great project with a staff member who did some excellent writing and preparation, and worked with me along the way.

intuitive gardening, kim tanasichuk saito kai

Intuitive Gardening Kim Tanasichuk. My other endeavour and on-going project. Gorgeous and deep. I get alot of compliments.

Saito Kai Lorie and Robert Saito. They own The Dojo in Stony Plain. Straw bale construction and reiki. Owner updated. People like the curve in this design.

psychology for living blog gwen randall-young

Psychology for Living Blog The blog was created with Google Blogger (which is free). But I customized it to make this psychology blog.

Gwen Randall-Young The original version of Gwen's website done by another company. I expanded it from 50 to 500 pages, helped to integrate a store (version 1 with assistance from another designer, version 2 on her own), and it became extensive and vibrant.

newsletter design

Custom newsletter templates using Constant Contact. Click images for more samples

newsletters newsletters newsletters

Custom Newsletter Design



website updating

Existing websites that were refreshed and websites that weren't Kim's design, but she now maintains them on an on-going basis.

  • - took over maintenance of an exisiting design. Wayne Lee is a famous local hypnotist and motivational speaker. He had a wonderful, empowering message.
  • - took over maintenance of an exisiting design. Refreshed/fine-tuned. Taught Liz, the owner, to update herself.
  • - took over maintenance of an exisiting design.Catherine maintains is wonderfully.
  • - took over maintenance of an existing design. Graphics created and updated. (note this client moved out of province and this website is no longer up)
  • - refreshed/fine-tuned the original website, setup Amazon A-Store, setup flash players for Jonathan Hooton's radio shows, owner updated (he does a great job at it).
  • - refreshed/fine-tuned the original website, new website coming in future.
web design

Click on images to see a larger version and more images.

baby soul custom design

Book Design and Layout


Custom Design

promotional design

Click on images to see a larger version and more samples.

brochures Intuitive Gardening



Business Cards

flyers and posters custom design

Posters and Flyers

Promotional Packages






product design

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cd cover design

CD Packaging Design (Kim has designed over 50)


ads ads

Product Packaging


Catalogues (Wholesale and Retail)





Bottle Label